“My paintings are like my children ….its always so difficult to part with them”

Shapes, lines, flowers, tiny animals, tar paper, stitches and lots of stitches best describes Marlene’s art …Every little square embodies its own unique and particular story…Marlene takes us on a special journey every time we look to her art. She painstakingly hand picks and chooses every single item that goes on her ever expanding canvas…. carefully they evolve from insignificant petit little objects to something greater, powerful.  Something that in unison is both the symbol and tension in her art.…For Marlene her art it’s an ever-expanding puzzle that is always waiting to be discovered by both the artist and the viewer.  Each painting becomes a tapestry to discover, to explore, to wonder and to share … From the ‘figurative abstract’, to the highly simplistic and fun tar paintings, Marlene is herself a wonderful collage of ideas that’s always taking shape